So, you know that photography session that I talked about a few weeks ago?  The rep came to our house tonight to show us the pictures and to discuss the packages that we could purchase.  The pictures were great and Grumble and Auge are really cute in them so they were so hard to choose from.  I definitely wanted to get my free 8×10 and 10×13 but there were a lot of other good pictures that I wanted to get too.  Unfortunately, the packages they offer are crazy expensive!  The lowest priced package was just under $200.  I was floored.  But I totally shelled out for one of the packages with the digital copies on cd.  I know I’m a sucker but the pictures were really good!  I just won’t use them again.  I guess there’s something to be said about the poor customer service at the places in the mall.  They are so sucky that you don’t feel bad about only getting the free picture.

Today is the last day for NaMoBloPo and I feel like a failure because I didn’t really accomplish any of my goals.  I really wanted to spend more time writing posts and get better at it but I found myself posting at the last possible minute because i would forget or be too busy during the day to do it.  In the future I’m going to try to be better but who knows if it will happen.  I’m going to be very busy getting the house ready for the holidays.

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6 Responses to Sucker!

  1. Jennie says:

    I just read through your month of blog posts and you’re hilarous. I was laughing at my desk.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ok, guess I won’t call them unless I’m prepared to fork over some cash. I was suspicious when their website didn’t mention pricing at all.
    Of course, I’m about to go spend the kids’ college fund on pictures from some fancy schmancy photographer in Los Gatos, so whatever.

  3. Aynn says:

    Love the socks!! And you are so sweet I still need to knit with Vesper. I finally have a few sknies of it but have been \saving\ them. I think it’s time that a skein hit the ball winder!

  4. Abdelrahman says:

    people who love running are aminazg. my visiting teaching companion here just completed the boston marathon. what a woman! you get major kudos for taking your children exercising! I have to leave mine behind. HAVE TO.

  5. Lilian says:

    What a neat arietlc. I had no inkling.

  6. Raman says:

    Love your Vermont picture. I look forwrad to seeing the others.The first time I want to New England I fell in love, and felt that I had come home. My heart is at least partially there especially every October. I so miss traveling there on a regular basis.Can’t wait to hear your stories.

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