Movie Madness

I was a crazy woman and took Grumble and Auge to the Diaper Days showing of Bolt.  I wanted to get out of the house and let Grumble see a movie that he would like. He was so good when I took him to see WALL-E that I thought he would be able to sit still during this movie.

I tried to be prepared and get to the theater early to feed him lunch and get the handicapped seats so I could spread a blanket on the floor and have him sit there.  I also made sure that my friend Sarah was going with her two kids so we could tag-team the kids.  I fed Grumble grapes and popcorn hoping that I could bribe him to behave and sit still.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  He stood still through the trailers and maybe 10 minutes of the movie happily eating the food but after that he was all over the place.

I think the movie was ok but I really wasn’t paying attention to it.  I was too busy trying to get Grumble to stop rolling around on the theater floor and chasing other kids.  I know that he was just being a 2 year old and that I shouldn’t expect him to sit still through the whole thing, but it would have been nice.  Thank god for Sarah.  She did her best to keep him in line and even held him on her lap for awhile but he wasn’t having any of it.  On the bright side, at least he didn’t have a complete meltdown like some other kids there.

I think the picnic blanket on the floor an inspired idea but it would have been better if Grumble actuallly sat on it.  Instead Sarah’s daughter sat on it and so did another kid who was sitting a row behind us.  He saw the popcorn and he climbed down onto our blanket and started eating the popcorn.  It was a little weird but I let it pass as long as the kid’s mom was ok with it.  Then it got crazy when the boy started dumping popcorn into his mouth from the tupperware container I put it in.  I can’t believe his mom didn’t stop him.  Of course, as her kid was doing that my son was running around and yelling, “Space ranger!  Space rangers!” to the screen.

So my lesson of the day is that no movie theaters for Grumble until he’s 3 or until he can watch at least half a movie at home sitting still.

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2 Responses to Movie Madness

  1. Sarah says:

    I still maintain Grumble would have been fine if not for the other kids running laps in the theater. And you obviously missed the part when Anna was on the floor kicking the backs of the seats in front of us. . .
    Oh, well, that is why they have the diaper days showings, I guess. At least neither of us had our laptops out during the movie like that dad in the next row up–I mean, why bother coming to the movie at all?

  2. Wallace says:

    what a great visual of your jeornuy through the surgery days .thanks for doing this & sharing your experience visually and comentary even though I was on the home front for #6, I didn’t even have time to imagine what it was like for you all (or I did imagine a little bit, but just quickly as I swang 2 cuties in the swings at the park). I also think these pictures may be very helpful in the total healing process for each of you and all of us .We have a Good Shepherd!

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